Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Blog

Dan and Hayley met. Dan and Hayley fell in love. Dan and Hayley are getting married. April 7th.

So while the deal hasn't been sealed just yet...Hayley promised to go through with it, so we feel comfortable prematurely listing Hayley as a Nelson. Plus my mom likes Hayley so much she said that even if we didn't get married, she was still invited to be a Nelson anyway.

We'll use this to post any updates on Wedding plans (yes, we are so excited to get Married that we are capitalizing words not Normally capitalized), including locations where we register.  After we get married we'll probably even occasionally update the blog with entertaining family adventures just often enough to put it on your google reader list, but still infrequently enough to merit the "you haven't updated your blog in too long" comments that too many conversations seem to start with these days.

-Dan and Hayley

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